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Update on MATLAB for the Mac 31

Posted by Ken Atwell,

We welcome back guest blogger Ken Atwell, product manager for MATLAB platforms, for another in his occasional series discussing MATLAB on the Mac. If you use MATLAB on the Mac, we hope you’ve noticed some of the improvements in the last handful of releases. My last blog about this topic, at... read more >>

Calling Shell Commands from MATLAB 41

Posted by Michael Katz,

I’ve written before about accessing Java from the Command Line, but you can also make calls into other systems from MATLAB. For example, you can access libraries written in C/C++ or Fortran, connect to .NET processes (on Windows), and make calls to a system shell. Today I will discuss the... read more >>

Starting MATLAB from the Mac OS X Finder 5

Posted by Michael Katz,

I’d like to welcome back guest blogger Ken Atwell for his second in a two part series of accessing MATLAB from the Macintosh OS X environment. This week he writes about opening a MATLAB file from the Finder. MATLAB source files have the .m extension and the Finder should have an... read more >>

Starting MATLAB from the OS X Dock 17

Posted by Michael Katz,

Once again, I’d like to welcome guest blogger Ken Atwell. Ken is a product manager for MATLAB who spends much of his time focusing on platform support. His past blog posts about the release of Snow Leopard and Windows 7 generated quite a bit of interest and discussion,... read more >>

R2009 in review 7

Posted by Michael Katz,

We’ve had a fantastic year with new and improved features in MATLAB R2009a and R2009b. Let’s take a walk down memory lane… On the MATLAB desktop 2009 was a big year for our power users. R2009b introduced customizeable keyboard shortcuts. Many actions from simple open, new, cut, and copy to more complex... read more >>

Pouncing on Snow Leopard 108

Posted by admin,

I’d like to welcome guest blogger Ken Atwell from the MATLAB Technical Marketing team this week to talk about running MATLAB on the newly released Snow Leopard. If you are a Mac user, you’re probably as excited about the recent release of OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”) as we are. ... read more >>