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Acquire Data from Android Device Sensors with MATLAB Mobile 6

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

With the new MATLAB® Support Package for Android™ Sensors, you can now use MATLAB Mobile™ to acquire data from the sensors on your Android device. This data can be sent to a MATLAB session running on your computer for further analysis and visualization. Contents What data, you ask? Viewing Sensor Data Analyze Data with... read more >>

MATLAB Mobile Autocompletes You 6

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

With today’s release of MATLAB Mobile, typing commands just got easier. With the new autocomplete feature, MATLAB Mobile offers suggestions for functions, variables, methods, properties, files and folders. To see this in practice, type two or more characters in the command window: Suggestions for MATLAB Functions (iPhone) Tap on an option to complete it... read more >>

Data Tips on MATLAB Mobile 3

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

It has been a while since we last talked about displaying data tips on MATLAB Mobile. The data cursor feature has since then evolved from tap-and-hold invocation to a more prominent ‘Show Data Cursor’ button. Tapping on this button brings up the crosshair. Move the crosshair to any location on the... read more >>

Your MATLAB Files on the Cloud. And more. 8

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

Happy 2013! 2012 was an eventful year for MATLAB Mobile, with releases for the iPad, the Android platform, and several enhancements to graphics and usability. To kick off 2013 on a high note, we are making connecting to the cloud even better. Introducing… MATLAB Cloud Storage You can now upload MATLAB files and data... read more >>

MATLAB Mobile for Android 7

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

It’s here! MATLAB Mobile is now available on the Android™ platform. From your Android smartphone or tablet, you can now connect to a MATLAB session on the cloud or to MATLAB running on your desktop computer. For more information, visit the MATLAB Mobile page. For an overview, watch this video. We would... read more >>

MATLAB Mobile 3.2 is Now Available 32

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of MATLAB Mobile 3.2. This release, we have made several graphical improvements to our UI including, but not limited to: Enhanced graphics and styling Consistent iPhone and iPad UI Rich command history Hotlinks in error message suggestions I’ll let the snapshots do the talking. Larger, Sharper Keyboard Graphics    ... read more >>

Getting the Most of Your MATLAB Mobile Keyboard 3

Posted by Michael Katz,

I’ve stopped being surprised when I talk to iPhone and iPad owners and find out they don’t know that you can tap and hold most keys on the virtual keyboard to get additional related keys. For example, on almost any iOS keyboard, tap and hold the “A” key to selection... read more >>

MATLAB Mobile 3.1 is Now Available 7

Posted by Michael Katz,

Last week we made MATLAB Mobile 3.1 available in the iOS App Store. This release has a few incremental improvements over MATLAB Mobile 3.0. In particular we made the reconnecting to the Cloud faster when restoring the app from background. We also brought some of the new keyboard buttons we created... read more >>

MATLAB Mobile iPad App 40

Posted by Daniel Sutoyo,

We are pleased to introduce MATLAB Mobile 3.0! This is a universal app, with UIs for both iPad and iPhone. You can download it today from the App Store.   What’s New in MATLAB Mobile Version 3.0 MATLAB Mobile iPad app Many of you have been asking for a dedicated iPad app. It’s here, enjoy! Redesigned figure... read more >>

4 Uses of MATLAB Mobile This Thanksgiving 3

Posted by Michael Katz,

1. Chef Aide When cooking a large meal, I often need to make quick calculations and substitutions. For instance, how to handle measuring when all my tablespoons are in the sink? After pre-loading the Units Conversion Toolbox from the file exchange into MATLAB, I can figure out a workaround lickety-split: Sure there... read more >>