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A Plug With Publish

Posted by Michael Katz,

I have been lax in giving shout-outs to our other blogs. This week I want to highlight a recent “File Exchange Pick of the Week” post. File Exchange Pick of the Week (or, POTW) is a weekly sister blog where Brett, Jiro, or their guests highlight something cool and interesting... read more >>

LaTeX Formula Publishing 21

Posted by Michael Katz,

A long time ago the Publish team added the ability to include LaTeX formulas in published MATLAB files. This was seen as a nice way to include pretty-formatted formulas and equations without having to resort to ASCII art. In order to make sure the published formulas are cross-browser compatible, the... read more >>

Demo’ing Scripts With ECHODEMO 1

Posted by Michael Katz,

Scripting files in Cell Mode has plenty of benefits. In addition to code organization, rapid iteration, and publishing, cell mode can also be used to present cell-by-cell interactive demonstrations. Many of the demo files that come with MATLAB are written as cell mode scripts. This allows us to publish them into... read more >>

R2009 in review 7

Posted by Michael Katz,

We’ve had a fantastic year with new and improved features in MATLAB R2009a and R2009b. Let’s take a walk down memory lane… On the MATLAB desktop 2009 was a big year for our power users. R2009b introduced customizeable keyboard shortcuts. Many actions from simple open, new, cut, and copy to more complex... read more >>

Publish to PDF 20

Posted by Michael Katz,

Sometimes one of my colleagues comes up with a big idea that’s so brilliant, it can be succinctly summarized in a small phrase that downplays its impact. Publish to PDF pretty much says it all. In MATLAB R2009b you can now publish your MATLAB code directly to a PDF-file. ... read more >>

New and Updated Desktop Features in MATLAB R2009b 3

Posted by Michael Katz,

R2009b (version 7.9) is here! You’d think that I’d be used to the six month release cycle by now, but there is always something to do with mad rushes interspersed with calm lulls. We’re preparing blog posts about the new features in R2009b and doing retrospectives. At the same time... read more >>

Using the cell mode toolbar 10

Posted by Michael Katz,

The MATLAB Editor is great because supports many different workflows and user styles. Even though I call myself an advanced MATLAB user, I have long since stopped being surprised when I find out about something that has been there forever and is quite blatant in the UI. There are just... read more >>

New figure capture methods for publish 1

Posted by admin,

In R2009a, we added two new figure capture methods to publish. The figure capture method determines the way in which publish grabs screen shots of your figures, in order to insert it into the final published document. Here are descriptions of the new figure capture methods, along with exactly what they... read more >>

Bring along your syntax highlighted code 4

Posted by admin,

People often ask how they can incorporate their syntax highlighted code into other mediums, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, web pages etc. There are actually a number of ways to bring along your colorful code, one of which will likely meet your needs. Microsoft Word You can paste text right into Word... read more >>