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Introducing MATLAB R2012a 9

Posted by Michael Katz,

It’s March! That means Spring is in the air and a new version of MATLAB is available! Let’s look an overview of the new desktop features: Improved Variable Editor Sorting You can now transpose and sort variables using the context menu options in the Variable Editor. Variable contents are sortable based on... read more >>

R2011b Is Here! 12

Posted by Michael Katz,

It’s (almost) fall, and that means a brand-new release of MATLAB. Here are a few awesome new Desktop features in this release: Improved Command Window Formatting The Command Window has gotten some improved formatting. Error messages have a modern look with the function where the error occurred’s name in bold and linked... read more >>

Introducing MATLAB R2011a 17

Posted by Michael Katz,

Last Friday we released MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a), the latest and greatest in MATLAB. There are a lot of new and improved features in this release. At the same time we also released MATLAB Mobile 1.3, and there are a few new and improved things in the community to talk about... read more >>

New and Updated Features in MATLAB R2010b 11

Posted by Michael Katz,

Even though our 6-month releases are well scheduled, it always feels like they sneak up on me. Well, MATLAB R2010b is available now. There are lots of great new features in there, including a few I’m quite proud of. You’ll find the full release notes here. Below, I’ve called out... read more >>

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