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Community Improvements: MATLAB Answers 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,

The Community Team has launched a new landing page for MATLAB Answers. MATLAB Answers is a popular community resource for people looking for solutions to their MATLAB and Simulink problems. There are over 160,000 questions asked and answered by people just like you. The new page makes it easier for... read more >>

MATLAB Conference Australia & New Zealand 2015

Posted by Ned Gulley,

This week’s blogger is Bradley Horton. Bradley is an engineer at MathWorks Australia who works with customers in the education area. He has spent the last 16 years helping clients adopt and implement MathWorks products over a broad range of application areas. Big, bold and beautiful – these aren’t the typical... read more >>

Face Coder Product Preview 9

Posted by Ned Gulley,

We don’t ordinarily talk about features under development, but today’s post comes from one of our internal product teams providing a very special sneak peek at an upcoming MATLAB feature. There are 42 muscles in the human face. When different combinations of these muscles are flexed to varying degrees, a... read more >>

Let’s Code! Make a Cody Video

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Ever seen a “Let’s Play” video, where somebody documents their own activity as they play a video game? They can be a lot of fun to watch, even when the author isn’t very good at the game. And they can be very instructive if you’re learning how to play that... read more >>

Introducing Community Profile Pages 4

Posted by Ned Gulley,

This week, guest-blogger David Wey welcomes the new community profile pages. David is a Senior Developer for MathWorks community sites. Community Improvements: New Profile Pages by David Wey Have you ever wondered who created the file you’re looking at on the File Exchange, or who that nice person was that answered your... read more >>

Robot Game-Playing in MATLAB – Part 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Last week we showed how to use a Monte Carlo approach to write a program capable of playing Tic Tac Toe. But that was just our warm-up exercise. Now let’s build another game that can take advantage of our game-playing harness. The first game I thought of was Connect Four,... read more >>

Robot Game-Playing in MATLAB 3

Posted by Ned Gulley,

A story about just-in-time expertise. Sometimes the best learning is no learning. COMPUTERS, CHESS, AND GO I read an article in IEEE Spectrum about computer programs that play Go (AIs Have Mastered Chess. Will Go Be Next?). If you review the history of game-playing computers, you’ll see that chess programs improved steadily... read more >>

MATLAB Onramp 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

In the last post, Wendy Fullam told us about MATLAB Examples, where you could see working examples and pick apart the code to see how they worked. But suppose you wanted more? Suppose you wanted an environment that could teach you, step by step, how to get started coding in... read more >>

Introducing MATLAB Examples

Posted by Ned Gulley,

This week, guest-blogger Wendy Fullam is trumpeting the arrival of a new Support page feature. Wendy is the Technical Marketing Product Manager for MathWorks online support and website search program. MATLAB Examples by Wendy Fullam Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wish there was a place where I could go to see... read more >>