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MATLAB Central Community Freshens Up MathWorks Support Site 6

Posted by Wendy Fullam,

This summer, the MathWorks Support site launched new graphical aids and better access to helpful content. Specifically, these updates include: Attention-grabbing graphics Faceted search navigation Rotating spotlights featuring latest news, reminders, and technical articles An area dedicated to community activities This new area rotates tabbed views highlighting none other than… you guessed it… you! ... read more >>

Requesting Technical Support From Within MATLAB 6

Posted by Michael Katz,

One of the new features of MATLAB R2011a is a GUI to create Technical Support requests. While you can still create support requests from our website:, the in-product support automates a few of the fields for you, and reduces the mental burden of context switching. To submit a request,... read more >>

More Sharing Options 2

Posted by Michael Katz,

Last week I wrote how to email figure snapshots from MATLAB and MATLAB Mobile. I had such a good response from last week, I want to continue that thought and talk about some more options for sharing from MATLAB. Before I get started, I’d like to mention that my co-worker... read more >>

Sharing Figures with Friends

Posted by Michael Katz,

MATLAB Mobile has a neat feature that allows you to e-mail a saved figure snapshot as a PNG file, with just two taps! You can try it out: from a snapshot in the History tab or an individual interactive figure in the Figures tab, just tap the action button in... read more >>

Documentation past and future 1

Posted by admin,

For R2010b, the help team was busy working on two major updates to the documentation provided on our web site. First, as Steve and Loren have already noted, we now provide a glimpse at the past with archived documentation for releases going back to R13SP2. If you’re not running R2010b, you... read more >>

R2009 in review 7

Posted by Michael Katz,

We’ve had a fantastic year with new and improved features in MATLAB R2009a and R2009b. Let’s take a walk down memory lane… On the MATLAB desktop 2009 was a big year for our power users. R2009b introduced customizeable keyboard shortcuts. Many actions from simple open, new, cut, and copy to more complex... read more >>

The Front Page of the File Exchange: Your Desktop 14

Posted by Michael Katz,

It may seem backward in late 2009 that one of the great new features in MATLAB is integrating a web application, the MATLAB File Exchange, into the Desktop. However it’s not surprising to me that this arrangement works out quite well. Because the file exchange exists for sharing files created... read more >>

New and Updated Desktop Features in MATLAB R2009b 3

Posted by Michael Katz,

R2009b (version 7.9) is here! You’d think that I’d be used to the six month release cycle by now, but there is always something to do with mad rushes interspersed with calm lulls. We’re preparing blog posts about the new features in R2009b and doing retrospectives. At the same time... read more >>