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The MATLAB Store at Jaguar Land Rover 4

Posted by Ned Gulley,

If you work at an enterprise where a lot of your peers also write MATLAB code, you might have pondered the following problem: how can we share MATLAB files with each other? At first this seems like an easily solved problem. Just dump everything you want to share into a… read more >>

Cody’s New Indexing Challenge 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Grant Cook III, who goes by the community handle goc3, is one of our top players on Cody. He’s also one of our most prolific problem authors, having created 109 different problems. In fact, you may recall that we recently interviewed him here…. read more >>

>> edit helloworld.m 5

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

If you’ve been using MATLAB Mobile over the past years, you’ve been able to do command-line prototyping and run files on your computer or on the cloud. With the latest release of the app, you can now view and edit MATLAB (.m) files…. read more >>

Walter Has Passed 50,000 Points on Answers! 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

I want to acknowledge a superhuman feat of skill, dedication, and generosity. Walter Roberson has surpassed 50,000 reputation points on MATLAB Answers. That equates to almost 28,000 answers across five years. Without asking for anything in return, Walter is providing a priceless service to… read more >>

15 Questions: John D’Errico 6

Posted by John Kelly,

Our next interview in the MATLAB Central 15th Anniversary series is with John D’Errico.  He is a Community All-Star who actively participates on File Exchange and MATLAB Answers.  He has been using MATLAB for over 30 years…. read more >>

15 Questions: Grant Cook III 1

Posted by John Kelly,

We will be celebrating the 15th Anniversary of MATLAB Central through October.  Our second interview in our 15 Questions series is with Grant Cook III…. read more >>

Why Don’t We List All-Time Downloads?

Posted by Ned Gulley,

In the last few weeks, Sean and Jiro have done some nice posts about File Exchange activity over the years. Sean wrote about top files and authors and then Jiro followed up with most active entries. Jiro’s post reminds me of one I did three years ago on File Exchange… read more >>

15 Questions: Chad Greene 2

Posted by John Kelly,

I am John Kelly, the Administrator of MATLAB Central.  As part of the MATLAB Central 15th Anniversary Celebration we thought it would be interesting to have a series of interviews with key contributors to MATLAB Central.  Naturally we thought 15 questions seemed appropriate.

Our first interview is with Chad more >>

Going Way Back with MATLAB Central 4

Posted by Ned Gulley,

You’re part of a long tradition.

Communities don’t blossom in one night. MATLAB’s rich community has been growing steadily for many years, and today I want to give you an idea of just how long. I bet it’s longer than you think!read more >>

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