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Welcome Mike!

Posted by Ned Gulley,

I am very excited to welcome a new blogger to MATLAB Central: Mike Garrity is going to be writing about graphics on the appropriately named Mike on MATLAB Graphics blog. Mike is a computer graphics guru, well informed on the state of the art and knee-deep in the operational knowledge of... read more >>

Expo Conversations – Part 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

This is a continuation of the last post (see Expo Conversations – Part 1), in which we learned how the MathWorks UK office built a system for detecting social interaction at the MATLAB Expo conference. This week, Marta Wilczkowiak continues the story with the help of Toshi Takeuchi. Marta is a... read more >>

Expo Conversations – Part 1 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Plenty of people talk about building cool things, but how many of us really do it? Sure, you can do amazing things these days with Arduino boards and cloud computing, but sitting down and creating something that works is another matter entirely. This is the story of how a determined... read more >>

A Chat with Chebfun’s Nick Trefethen 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,


Today we interview Nick Trefethen, Professor of Numerical Analysis, University of Oxford. Photo by Sara Kerens Nick is what you might call a “heroic user” of MATLAB. He was there at the first class in which Cleve introduced the original FORTRAN MATLAB as a teaching tool. Near the lobby of the... read more >>

Weather Prediction – How Far Can You Go? 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

This summer my mother-in-law is renting a house on a lake in New Hampshire. Looking at the calendar, my wife said: "The ten-day forecast makes it look like it's going to be pretty hot up at the lake next week." This led to a more general discussion of the merits... read more >>

Enhancing Tables with Gareth 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Today we have a guest post by Gareth Thomas. Gareth is Academic Marketing Manager for the Education Business in the MathWorks. He aims to inspire people of all ages about technology and share the magic that MathWorks brings to the table when learning, teaching, researching and solving problems that accelerate... read more >>

Plotly Plots MATLAB 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Here’s a quick post to tell you about a nifty service called Plotly. The basic idea is that you can create nice-looking interactive plots right in your web browser. You can generate the plots using a variety of different APIs and programming languages, one of which is MATLAB. Here’s a quick... read more >>

What’s that in the sky? Build a MATLAB Planetarium

Posted by Ned Gulley,

I look up at the sky just after sunset and I see an especially bright star. It's probably a planet. But which one?This question gives me a good opportunity to play around with MATLAB. Let's do a visualization that shows where the planets are relative to the earth and the... read more >>

28 GitHub Repos and Counting… 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Two weeks ago we announced that the File Exchange can connect directly to GitHub. Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. Here are a few quotes from emails we’ve received… That’s awesome. I was always hoping for that. I just linked my Github Repository to File Exchange :) This is... read more >>

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