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Blockbuster: Contest Evolution

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Blockbuster: Contest Evolution Blockbuster: Contest Evolution By Matthew Simoneau Over the course of eight days, hundreds of contestants submitted thousands entries. With so much activity, it is hard to follow the action. This report will pick out some statistics and draw some pictures that give some indication of the progress. Contents Submissions Over Time Activity by Hour Activity of the... read more >>

Blockbuster Contest Wrap Up 3

Posted by Helen Chen,

Blockbuster Contest Wrap Up The Winners Page, Contest Evolution, and Final Analysis are now on the site. Thanks to Hannes and Cobus for writing a detailed analysis of their code that was part of the winning entry. Do check out these pages to hear more from your fellow contestants! Don’t miss hearing about the next... read more >>

Contest Winner 6

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Contest Winner Congratulations to utr, aka thecyclist, aka Tim Vaughan, for winning the Blockbuster programming contest. This is the third consecutive MATLAB contest he’s won! This track record certainly debunks any sentiment that winning the grand prize is mostly luck. You can read his thoughts on the Ants ... read more >>

Final Hours 8

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Final Hours This MATLAB Contest is almost at an end. The queue closes in four hours at 5PM EDT. At the moment I’m writing this (1PM), the queue is only backed up half an hour and the leading entry isn’t obfuscated, so there is still time to make a change... read more >>

Blockbuster: Final Analysis

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Blockbuster: Final Analysis Blockbuster, Final Analysis by Hannes Naudé & Cobus Potgieter The Cyclist’s winning entry was based on Hannes and Cobus’ submission Chuck Norris 3. Chuck Norris 3 is the clear text version of sirroN kcuhC 3. We’ve asked Hannes and Cobus to walk us through their overall strategy. -The MATLAB Contest Team- At the start... read more >>

Tuesday Leap Winner 3

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Tuesday Leap Winner Markus is the winner of our Tuesday Leap challenge. His entry, submitted at 9:31AM, made the single biggest improvement to the top score. Meanwhile, David Jones has been pushing the timeout and coming up with a best result of 82058 (85008 is the current leader’s result), showing there’s plenty of... read more >>

Mid-Contest Analysis 7

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Mid-Contest Analysis Lucio has posted a Mid-Contest Analysis which, along with the recent comments in the newsgroups , will help keep those creative juices flowing. Meanwhile, the Tuesday Leap challenge continues, with the biggest single-entry improvements so far today coming from Markus and David Jones. The Statistics now include a listing of... read more >>

Blockbuster: mid-contest Analysis

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Blockbuster: mid-contest Analysis Blockbuster, mid-contest Analysis by Lucio Cetto Contents Introduction Popping or swapping? Swap to join high valued blocks The checkerboard Introduction Diving into this contest has been somehow difficult due to the obfuscated code practice. Still, when it is possible to see the un-obfuscated version of it, it is surprising the well structured and compactness of code that we are... read more >>

1000 Character Challenge Winners

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

1000 Character Challenge Winners Francois Glineur is our 1000 Character Winner packing a whole lot of goodness into 993 characters. He’s followed by Enduro and David Cook II. Impressively, each of these contestants submitted entries that were substantively different. The Statistics show the top 25 entries. Back in the regular game, volkan... read more >>

1000 Character Challenge

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

1000 Character Challenge We’ve been talking to our language experts and understand why the obfuscated entries are running faster than the legible versions (more on this later). You all have made great suggestions as to how we can improve the contest, especially with respect to obfuscation. After careful thought, we’ve decided... read more >>

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