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Contest Evolution ‘Furniture’

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Contest Evolution ‘Furniture’ Furniture Moving: Contest Evolution By Matthew Simoneau Over the course of eight days, 94 contestants submitted 1834 entries to the Furniture Moving contest. With so much activity, it is hard to follow the action. This report will pick out some interesting statistics and draw some pictures that show how the contest progressed. Contents Submissions over time Activity... read more >>

Contest Analysis ‘Furniture’

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Contest Analysis ‘Furniture’ Contest Analysis ‘Furniture’ By Lucio Cetto Contents Introduction Swap columns Parking lot House layout Maze Dense problems Introduction In this analysis we take the winning solver (‘asdf1′) and test it with some interesting cases. Some of these have similar characteristics to those in the test suite. Others are taken from real life examples. Swap columns Here we have three columns. The middle one... read more >>

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