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Trucking Freight: Mid-Contest Analysis

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Trucking Freight: Mid-Contest Analysis Mid-Contest Analysis Bowen Kerins, Friday, April 4, 2003, 4:00 pm EST Below is an analysis of some of the over 500 entries submitted to the MATLAB Trucking Contest so far. Contents Naming flavor Test Cases Early entries: Greed is Good, Conservation is Better Completing the Circuit The Current Leader The US Capitals Tour Where does it go from here…? Naming flavor The... read more >>

Trucking Freight: Algorithm Analysis

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Trucking Freight: Algorithm Analysis Algorithm Analysis By Lucio A. Cetto As a previous participant in the addictive MATLAB Contests, I have to restrict myself this time to just observing it (I am now working at the MathWorks). I enjoyed watching everybody collaborating towards a common objective. Of course, I personally think everyone that submitted at least... read more >>

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