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Yi Cao breaks 13000! 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Yi Cao breaks 13000! Yi Cao loves a challenge. It took a few extra weeks worth of work, but Yi Cao is reporting in the newsgroup that he broke the 13000 barrier. You may recall that Alan Chalker had suggested such a thing might well be impossible. Yi Cao is just the sort of person... read more >>

Actual Test Suites Added to File Exchange Submission

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Actual Test Suites Added to File Exchange Submission Sad to see the queue closed? Have one more idea to try out? Is there some analysis you’d like to perform? Download the updated File Exchange submission and try it yourself. Be sure to share any interesting results on the newsgroup. ... read more >>

Stefan Rach is Our Contest Winner

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Stefan Rach is Our Contest Winner Stefan Rach is the Grand Prize winner for the Wiring Contest. Like usual, we had a flood of entries here at the end, but when the smoke queue cleared, his entry was on top of the pile. This is the second contest prize that he’s won. Wrapping up another... read more >>

Cyclist wins 1000 node challenge 6

Posted by Helen Chen,

Cyclist wins 1000 node challenge Congratulations to The Cyclist, aka:TC but also known as Tim, who submitted entry USS at 17:59:36 to win the 1000 node challenge. This is a really great win, finally besting David Jones who, until now, was in line for the first clean sweep every in the history of our MATLAB... read more >>

1000 Node Challenge 2

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

1000 Node Challenge The Post-Swap Past-the-Post Prize remains open. In parallel, we’re also opening a 1000 Node Challenge for the best-scoring entry submitted before 6PM Eastern that is shorter than 1000 nodes. We’ll be adding a section to the statistics to make it easier to track these entries. ... read more >>

Test Suite Swap Completed, Post-Swap Past-the-Post Prize Announced

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Test Suite Swap Completed, Post-Swap Past-the-Post Prize Announced We’re back online after completing the mid-contest test suite swap. To make the swap score-neutral, we’re subtracting 3.1131 seconds from the time, and 10559 from the results for all future entries. The new test suite is similar statistically to the first one, so these fudge factors are a... read more >>

Queue offline 1

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Queue offline Please ignore the strangeness. We’ll be back soon! ... read more >>

Sunday Push Won by David Jones 1

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Sunday Push Won by David Jones Unstoppable contest force David Jones won the Big Push by making the greatest cumulative improvement to the top score on Sunday. SY was close behind him, submitting an entry that would have put him in first place one second after the midnight deadline. Ouch! Sunday also saw... read more >>

The David Jones Takes the Leap, Sunday Push Underway

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

The David Jones Takes the Leap, Sunday Push Underway The David Jones domination continues. Yesterday he added the Leap challenge to his trophy shelf by making the largest single improvement in score, despite strong competition from Yi Cao and Jim. The Sunday Push goes to the contestant who makes the biggest cumulative improvement to the score on Sunday. ... read more >>

Saturday Leap

Posted by Helen Chen,

Saturday Leap The queue seems quiet now – perhaps folks are off enjoying a Friday evening away from computers or maybe getting some rest before our traditional Saturday Leap begins in a couple of hours.  This challenge runs from midnight until midnight Saturday. The winner is the entry that makes the biggest... read more >>

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