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Simulation is key to understanding floods when dams break

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Less than 5 feet. That was the difference in water level that occurred between the emergency on Sunday night and level of Lake Oroville early Monday morning. According to the Sacramento Bee, “Water flows over the emergency spillway when the lake level is 901 feet. At its highest, at 3… read more >>

Do you speak PIE? Your ancestors probably did!

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

There’s a good chance – make that a really good chance – that one of your ancestors spoke the ancient language known as Proto-Indo-European (PIE). According to New Scientist, many modern languages, such as English, Farsi, and Swedish, are thought to originate from the PIE. Other PIE “descendant” languages include Dutch,… read more >>

Super Bowl LI features drones 3 times, in a “No Drone Zone”

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

According to Sports Illustrated, this weekend’s Super Bowl set 24 NFL records. An additional 7 records were tied. Records were set on the viewership side as well. With 113.7 million viewers it was the most-watched telecast in Fox history and the second-most watched Super Bowl of all time…. read more >>

Using computer vision technology to weed out fake news 1

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

In the past few weeks, fake news has been all over the news. The New York Times reported that both Google and Facebook are taking steps to stem the flow of false news and misinformation. In Google’s case, they are aiming to remove fake news reporting from their top search results,… read more >>

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