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MATLAB and Simulink behind today’s news and trends

Adaptive VR adjusts to your vision, even if you wear glasses 2

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Virtual reality (VR) is a hot topic among tech enthusiasts. With initial success in the gaming and entertainment markets, VR is now finding new applications in everything from real estate to healthcare. Some estimates predict VR will be a $160M market by 2020…. read more >>

Using data analytics to reduce food waste

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Food waste is a global concern. It greatly affects our environment by releasing greenhouse gases at landfills. It also uses an immense amount of water used to grow food that is ultimately discarded…. read more >>

Maker hits a bullseye with a cool robotic dartboard

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

What do you get when a former NASA engineer combines motion tracking infrared (IR) cameras, 6 stepper motors, fishing line and a dartboard? That’s easy! An awesome maker project: A dartboard that moves to intercept the dart and gives you a bullseye every time…. read more >>

MATLAB helps revive The Beatles only live album

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Rolling Stone crowned the Beatles the greatest artists of all time. But this amazing group had only one (official) live album to their credit. The Live at the Hollywood Bowl album and featured songs from their performances at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964 and 1965 but unfortunately the sound quality… read more >>

This robot learns by reading your mind 3

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Boston University collaborated to design a system that combines neuroscience and machine learning to create a mind-reading robot. Seriously. This robot can read your mind to learn if it is right or wrong…. read more >>

Simulation is key to understanding floods when dams break

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Less than 5 feet. That was the difference in water level that occurred between the emergency on Sunday night and level of Lake Oroville early Monday morning. According to the Sacramento Bee, “Water flows over the emergency spillway when the lake level is 901 feet. At its highest, at 3… read more >>

Do you speak PIE? Your ancestors probably did!

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

There’s a good chance – make that a really good chance – that one of your ancestors spoke the ancient language known as Proto-Indo-European (PIE). According to New Scientist, many modern languages, such as English, Farsi, and Swedish, are thought to originate from the PIE. Other PIE “descendant” languages include Dutch,… read more >>

Super Bowl LI features drones 3 times, in a “No Drone Zone”

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

According to Sports Illustrated, this weekend’s Super Bowl set 24 NFL records. An additional 7 records were tied. Records were set on the viewership side as well. With 113.7 million viewers it was the most-watched telecast in Fox history and the second-most watched Super Bowl of all time…. read more >>

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