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There’s an app for that! Using your smartphone to test for Anemia. 3

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

I’d be willing to bet that if you were asked to list ten uses for your smartphone, you probably wouldn’t include “medical device” in your answer. But as smartphones become increasingly capable, highly-portable computing platforms, researchers are looking to the computer in everyone’s pocket as a way to improve global… read more >>

Mission accomplished, now it’s time to crash?

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Imagine traveling twelve years in pursuit of a comet that is streaking along at 24,600 miles per hour only to crash into the comet. Twelve years. 4.9 billion miles. Untold hours of science and engineering manpower invested in this project and it’s going to crash?… read more >>

#TBT: NASA’s 2001 technology

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

As we celebrate MATLAB Central’s 15th anniversary, many of the blog authors are taking a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. Since my blog launched a mere 6 months ago, that would be a mighty short trip for me!… read more >>

This algorithm is key to space travel, GPS, VR and more, and it is over 50 years old 3

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Earlier this week, MIT Technology Review published an article “How an Inventor You’ve Probably Never Heard of Shaped the Modern World” which described Rudolf Kálmán’s contribution to modern day science and technology, a recursive estimation algorithm that accurately predicts variables such as direction, speed, and location even in noisiest of… read more >>

Using wavelet transforms and machine learning to predict droughts 1

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Earlier this month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its report State of the Climate in 2015, which showed extreme drought occurred on every continent in the past year. It also reported the amount of land considered to be under the effects of either severe or extreme drought… read more >>

Drones that can help fight wildfires

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

The analysis of video information from standard drones can provide a methodology to monitor remote areas for new fire outbreaks. A group of researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid developed an application for early wildfire detection that analyzed images from existing drones’ low-cost camera equipment. The project relies on image processing capabilities in more >>

NASA used this camera to capture the Martian Morse code seen in photo

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Earlier this month, Fox News reported, “Stunning NASA image shows ‘Morse code’ dunes on Mars.” New pictures from the surface of the red planet showed an uncharacteristic collection of dots and dashes reminiscent of Morse code markings in the sand, albeit at a relatively large scale…. read more >>

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