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Ever Needed to Move a Figure? 6

Posted by Loren Shure,

Have you ever needed to move a figure? Perhaps because it is offscreen>? Or at least the menus or close box are not visible? This happens to me from time to time when I get code from someone else who is programming specifically to the size of their display. Working on a laptop, I often have fewer available pixels. What to do?... read more >>

Multiple Y Axes 15

Posted by Loren Shure,

We were musing here about how common it is to want more than two Y axes on a plot. Checking out the File Exchange, there seem to be several candidates, indicating that this is something at least some people find useful.... read more >>

Graphical Display Techniques – Part 2 6

Posted by Loren Shure,

In a recent post I discussed how to use different linestyles, colors, and marker properties to ensure that lines are markers that you superimpose on a plot will be visible, regardless of what the underlying picture is. Today I will show another... read more >>

Graphical Display Techniques – Part 1 9

Posted by Loren Shure,

I've recently been working with some customers who need to display extra information on top of a plot. Steve showed some examples for superimposing lines on images in such a way so they are visible despite what's going on in the picture. Today I'll show ... read more >>

MATLAB for Typography? 4

Posted by Loren Shure,

I was wandering around the web and came across work by Ankur Pawar on flickr. He has some beautiful pictures with font embellishments, as well as gorgeous depictions of some transcendental functions. ... read more >>

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