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Write Your Figures to Excel 5

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean‘s pick this week is xlswritefig by Michelle Hirsch. One of my colleagues approached me earlier this week and asked me to help her with an Excel report that I’d created a few months... read more >>

Blackjack! 2

Posted by Brett Shoelson,

Brett's Pick this week is blackjack, by Cleve Moler.Last night, while preparing for a seminar on machine learning I found myself with a lot of time to wait while a training algorithm ran. I was trying to create a classifier to differentiate images from 101 different categories, and things were... read more >>

Feel the Music 1

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's pick this week is Music Visualizer by NathanM.A fun, cool entry for this week. It's like I can feel the music! application post-processes the audio data, so the first time you select a music file, it takes a while to process. However, it stores the processed information in a... read more >>

Sunrise Sunset 4

Posted by Will Campbell,

Will's pick this week is Sunrise Sunset by Meysam Mahooti. Ever wonder when the sun is going to set for an event you're planning in the future? Ever wonder when the moon is going to appear above the horizon in the year 2037? Well if so, this is the exchange contribution... read more >>

“Most Active/Interactive” File Exchange Entry 1

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's pick this week is "Command-line peak fitter for time-series signals" by Tom O'Haver.Continuing with the celebration of MATLAB Central's 15th birthday and previous week's blog post by Sean, I'd like to focus on all of the great interactions people have had through the File Exchange entries. Although, you may... read more >>

Top Files and Authors 2

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean's going to take this week to celebrate the top files and authors of the File Exchange. As you may know by now, MATLAB Central is celebrating its 15th birthday.... read more >>

Teaching Calculus with MATLAB

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's pick this week is Teaching Calculus with MATLAB by the TCM Team.I really like these apps that the folks from TU Darmstadt and University of Stuttgart created for teaching various calculus concepts. Many concepts taught in calculus can can be better understood if the students can visualize them. Back... read more >>

The Oldest File 2

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

In honor of MATLAB Central's 15th anniversary this week, Sean's picks this week are the two "oldest" files on the File Exchange. Contents ... read more >>

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