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Trace your calls (to your methods)

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro‘s pick this week is tracer4m by per isakson.I teach a training course on “Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) with MATLAB”, and I just taught the course this week. Half of the students were new to the concept of OOP, while the other half had programmed in OOP languages like C++ and… read more >>


Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean‘s pick this week is impressionism by David Mills.

My pick this week is a fun one that takes your images and transforms them into how they may have looked if painted by an impressionist. Here are some… read more >>

Real-Time Pacer for Simulink

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean‘s pick this week is Real-Time Pacer for Simulink by Gautam Vallabha.


Slow Down!
Speed Up!

Slow Down!
Have you ever wanted your Simulink model to run slower? Perhaps so your boss will think you’re busy? Or you want to… read more >>

Extract text from PDF documents

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro‘s pick this week is “Read text from a PDF document” by Derek Wood.Ah, this is a nice entry. I was hoping for something like this. I keep track of my household expenses using MATLAB. I know, I know. Online banking now makes it easy to manage your expense, but… read more >>

What are the functional inputs and outputs of my Simulink model?

Posted by Guest Picker,

Greg’s pick this week is Signature Tool by McSCert.
Simulink enables you to layout rather large and diverse diagrams. For large diagrams, this can make it difficult to understand what are all the points in the model where one can input data or have access to output data. The Signature… read more >>

Fidget Spinner

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean‘s pick this week is Fidget Spinner (Simscape Multibody) by Pavel Roslovets.
It wasn’t even a couple months ago that I first heard of a fidget spinner in this Time Magazine article. Within a week, all of the sudden they were everywhere. Well, now they’re in MATLAB too!
Pavel has used the…

Classifying old Japanese characters using CNN

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro‘s pick this week is CNN for Old Japanese Character Classification by one of my colleagues Akira Agata.Nowadays, I probably go many days without seeing a handwritten document. From computers and smartphones, to TVs and books, almost every character I see is a printed character. So it’s refreshing to see… read more >>

Source Control Information Block

Posted by Richard Ruff,

Richard is Consulting Engineer at MathWorks focused on the Embedded Coder product for code generation, primarily in the Aerospace
Richard’s pick this week is Source Control Information Block by Gavin Walker.

Catstruct 1

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean‘s pick this week is catstruct by Jos (10584).

Have you ever had two structures and wanted to combine them into one?
The above question is kind of ambiguous. Do you mean?
firststruct.x = pi
secondstruct.x = exp(1)
combinedstruct = [firststruct secondstruct]
firststruct…

Launch and manage external processes from MATLAB 1

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro‘s pick this week is Process Manager by Brian Lau.With MATLAB being able to interface with other languages and environments, I pretty much do everything from within MATLAB. One operation I do quite often is controlling Microsoft® applications via the COM interface, such as composing and sending emails with Outlook®… read more >>

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