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Handle Graphics Filtering

Posted by Doug Hull,

Duane Hanselman looks too young in his MATLAB Central picture to be an accomplished author, but he is. This week’s pick is great for understanding handle graphics better in MATLAB. For those who have not yet discovered handle graphics, the short of it is that every graphical entity in MATLAB... read more >>

Clipboard to Excel

Posted by Doug Hull,

A lot of us MATLAB users hate to admit it, but sometimes circumstances arise and for reasons beyond our control, we need to use Excel. When that happens it is nice to be able to easily bring your data to Excel. There are functions that will do that... read more >>

Rubik’s Cube + New Programming Features

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

Our loyal readers have probably figured out by now that I'm the goofy one who spends all day looking for fun things to do with MATLAB. So, it surely comes as no surprise that I've picked Alexander Mueller's Rubik's Cube this week. You've got to check this out - besides... read more >>


Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

Have you heard of Sudoku puzzles? I hadn't until a few weeks ago, when a friend of mine was solving ones from the Boston Globe in the morning. For those not in the know, Sudoku are number puzzles that combine small integers (1..9) with a grid reminiscent of crossword puzzles.... read more >>

Flip Arrays

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

I love small, simple, useful functions. Many of my own submissions are not much more than one line of code (wopen, goto) that I use dozens of times a week. Duane Hanselman submitted a great one the other day. FLIPARRAY works just like FLIPUD and FLIPLR, except that it doesn’t... read more >>