File Exchange Pick of the Week

R2014b, New Graphics System, and Plot Gallery 2

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's pick this week is MATLAB Plot Gallery by Plot Gallery. This gallery, which hosts a collection of File Exchange entries showing various plotting examples, has been highlighted once before. I want to bring this up once... read more >>

Make Install 1

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean's pick this week is makeinstall and Make Install Technology by Norbert Marwan. Contents ... read more >>

Interactively changing color axis

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's pick this week is Colormouse by Patrick. In addition to examining the actual values or creating line plots, you can get a lot of insight by visualizing data with color. MATLAB has a number of functions... read more >>

How Noisy Are Your Images? 3

Posted by Brett Shoelson,

Brett's Picks this week are: Image Blur Metric, by Do Quoc Bao; Blind image quality assessment through anisotropy, by Salvador Gabarda; and Noise Level Estimation from a Single Image, by Masayuki Tanaka.Brett returns to his roots as an image processing geek this week to pose a question that he gets... read more >>

Automatic reference (bibliography) creator 1

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's pick this week is Reference Creator by Valerio Biscione. Even though I have been away from the world of academia for quite some time, I can remember and appreciate the effort that people put into writing... read more >>


Posted by Will Campbell,

Will's pick this week is Piano Tuner by John Bender. If you want the distinguished honor of a Will Pick of the Week, here are some easy guidelines to follow: Choose an interesting or fun topic. Package the submission so that it's easy to figure out how to use. Ensure that it actually works... read more >>

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