Guy and Seth on Simulink

Sneak Peek: Simulink Virtual Reality Editor 7

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Have you ever dreamed of living inside a Simulink model?

Today we are very happy to give you a sneak peek of a feature we have been working on for a long time:

Now it's your turn

If you wonder when this feature will be released, just look at your calendar.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment here.

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Leap Motion + Oculus Rift + Virtuix Omni = Simulink Virtual Reality Editor

So starting doing it right now!!!! I don’t see where the problem is.

Also, I’ve seen Seth run and he’s pretty fast. If his pace was used as a baseline for this feature, I may not be able to match his pace for the simulation accelerator mode. Is it possible to bring in a pinch runner on a dual visor?

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