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Fine-Tuning Model Advisor Analysis 2

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Fine-Tuning Model Advisor Analysis Today I welcome my friend Nishaat Vasi to introduce a new feature of Simulink Verification and Validation: Model Advisor Exclusions. Nishaat: Hey Guy, did you notice the new Model Advisor Exclusions feature in R2012a? Guy: There are so many new features every release... I think I missed that one. What is it? Nishaat:... read more >>

Are you using the right block? 9

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Are you using the right block? Working in technical support, I receive a lot of models. Sometimes I am impressed by very clever implementations, but sometimes the only thing coming to my mind is "Why is he doing that?". Here are a few examples I want to share with you. What time is it? At least once per... read more >>

Asynchronous Function-Call Inputs to Models 2

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Asynchronous Function-Call Inputs to Models In Simulink R2011a, it is possible to pass asynchronous function-call signals through Inports of a model. This enables the asynchronous function call to cross the bounary of Model block. Such function-call signals are typically used in Simulink models to capture interrupt-driven processing that is asynchronous with the time-driven processing in... read more >>

??? Invalid Simulink object name 4

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

??? Invalid Simulink object name Did you ever get an error like this? >> get_param('model_f14/Controller','TreatAsAtomicUnit') ??? Invalid Simulink object name: model_f14/Controller. Of course. Anytime you have a typo in a call to get_param or set_param, you will get this message. This is very frustrating, especially when you look at the model, and see the block with... read more >>

Orion GN&C: MATLAB and Simulink Standards 6

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

Orion GN&C: MATLAB and Simulink Standards Bottom-line on top: On April 13, 2010 Joel Henry from Draper Laboratory, NASA/Johnson Space Center, will present A Model-Based Design and Testing Approach for Orion GN&C Flight Software Development during the MathWorks Symposium in Waltham, MA. This is a unique opportunity to meet one of the authors of the... read more >>

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