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MATLAB Language in Stateflow 4

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

MATLAB Language in Stateflow Have you noticed a new block in the Stateflow Library since R2012b? The MATLAB Chart block uses MATLAB as the action language for states and transitions in Stateflow. This means that you don't have to create a separate MATLAB Function every time you want to do matrix math in a Stateflow chart.... read more >>

Breaking up a Stateflow Chart for Collaborative Development 2

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Breaking up a Stateflow Chart for Collaborative Development This week I have been experimenting with a feature released in R2010b that I have not used before: Stateflow Atomic Subcharts The Problem I am currently working on a model architecture where different functionalities will be developed by different people simultaneously. Typically, when I need to componentize a Simulink model, I use Model... read more >>

Conditional Execution 9

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Conditional Execution As we all know, in Simulink there are always multiple ways to implement a functionality. One situation where I often hesitate when choosing an implementation is conditional execution. I will share a few possible options I usually consider and would like to know how you choose one versus another. Enabled Subsystem Maybe it... read more >>

For Each Subsystem and Code Generation 7

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

For Each Subsystem and Code Generation Today Guy Rouleau is back to introduce the code generated from the For Each Subsystem. I created an example model implementing the same functionality as in my previous post, but using Stateflow. I like using Stateflow to create behavioral models when I am most interested in expressing the input-output relationship of... read more >>

New (Since R2009a) Simulink inside Stateflow 10

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

New (Since R2009a) Simulink inside Stateflow This week I asked Michael Carone to introduce a relatively new Stateflow capability, Simulink Functions. Did you ever want to put a Simulink block inside of a Stateflow chart?  Well, if you have R2009a or R2009b, you can! When you open your Stateflow chart, you’ll see a new white button that looks like a Simulink subsystem on... read more >>

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