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MATLAB tip: Use one command per line 4

Posted by Doug Hull,

This is a common programming pattern that I see with new MATLAB users: They put more than one command per line in MATLAB file. This can make it harder to visually take in a file, and because profiler and error messages give information back based on the… read more >>

Welcome to Sean from Answers 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

I wanted to take this week to point out what a great resource MATLAB Answers is and to also welcome one of the most prolific contributors on that site to his new role as an applications engineer here at MathWorks.   Welcome Sean. The concept behind MATLAB Answers is that the User… read more >>

Expression evaluation in MATLAB

Posted by Doug Hull,

MATLAB is constantly evaluating expressions and expressions within expressions. A lot of MATLAB users do not think about this, or the implications. Simple examples of using a vector as the index into a for loop instead of one that is dynamically created (1:10 for example) is shown. … read more >>

Contest is on! Vines

Posted by Doug Hull,

Hey Contest fans, the new MATLAB contest is on. I am expecting this to be a great contest, several of us worked specifically on coming up with a good test suite for you to solve. By “good test suite”, I mean one that will be difficult, but fun… read more >>

My path to MATLAB

Posted by Doug Hull,

With September comes a new batch of students and new MATLAB users. Many of the bloggers here are talking about how they came to MATLAB and the academic path that got them here. Without a doubt, the most important skill set I learned in college and grad school was how… read more >>