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How to add to a cell array in MATLAB 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

This MATLAB user needed to add another row to a cell array so they could populate the data in a uitable. Uitable requires that all the cells in a given column are of the same type. This video shows how to cast the values of a cell array so that this constraint is met.

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I have determined a programmatic way to do the same. I welcome comments on this approach.

newRow = cellfun(@(x)(cast([],class(x))),data(1,:),'UniformOutput',false)
data = cat(1,data,newRow)



There are many ways to do things in MATLAB and other languages. I tend to prefer code that is easiest to read as my first metric. It is good to know of more robust, if not more cryptic, techniques. There are places where your solution would be much better.

Thanks for adding it.


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