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Using keyboard shortcuts 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

I like it when I find new productivity tips in the MATLAB environment. The new MATLAB Toolstrip shows keyboard shortcuts for all toolstrip items when you press the Alt-key, which reminded me that we introduced customizable keyboard shortcuts a few years ago.

This video shows how you can customize these keyboard shortcuts. I add ones for clearing the workspace and saving all files.

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Aboozar replied on : 1 of 1

Hi Doug

I have a problem with assigning my favorite keyboard shortcuts in 2012b on my Mac. and a unix based cluster. When I set something as

Command (shown as Meta or Alt) + a letter

the assigned command is done, but it also “types” that letter, replacing the highlighted text. For instance, if I use Command+e to evaluate selection, it evaluates the highlighted text, deletes the selection and types “e”.

There’s no conflict and I never had this problem during years of using 2009b. I also couldn’t find any responses since 2012b is so recent.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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