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GUI building in MATLAB 4

Posted by Doug Hull,

This post is a continuation of the last video where we built a simple GUI in MATLAB. This continues by showing how to run initiation code for a MATLAB GUI and explains what the handles structure is.

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John replied on : 1 of 4

Another useful video for learning Matlab!

One thing that would be great though, seeing as you’re making so many videos, would be to perhaps get a better microphone and reduce the gain, there is a lot of distortion in your voice recording which makes it harder to listen to. A pop filter or other covering for the microphone would also help a lot

vivekram replied on : 2 of 4

Hi Doug,

I would like to know how i can move an object inside one plot to another plot within the same GUI which was created using GUIDE function.



Cindy replied on : 4 of 4

Mae, anímate, está muy fácil de hacer heheheMe encantaron todos los trabajos chicas, Marthísima cuánto trabajoooooo, te quedó lindo! Gaby, Mucho amorrrrrrrrr en tu calendariooo hehehe, Ginaaa, super chidooooo, original!!! Mary, hasta con libretita para hacer anotaciones, qué paecM!!!!durhos besos amigassss y a ver quién dice yoo primeroooooo :))))

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