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MATLAB: Manipulating the data in a UItable in GUIDE 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

If you have a UItable in a UI made in GUIDE, you might want to change that data in a callback. For instance, you might want to change the values or increase the size of the dataset. This short video shows you the process to get the data into a variable, manipulate it, then set it back into the UItable.

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Thanks a ton Doug for helping me get started with GUIDE.
I’ve a MATLAB program that detects the skin of the user in real time via webcam. I want this program to run when I click the push button in the GUI designed using GUIDE. How should I go about it?

There is a callback associated with the button. You put the code you want to run in that callback. See the other GUI/GUIDE videos (list to left of blog) to find similar things.

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