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Bad coding practices to avoid

Posted by Doug Hull,

Bad coding practices to avoid I was revisiting older posts, and this is one of my most frequently referenced posts. I teach the MATLAB 101 class to every new hire at MathWorks. Inevitably, someone will ask me how to make a global variable. I then Google up: “How to make MATLAB Doug Cry” and... read more >>

Vintage Videos: Still relevant

Posted by Doug Hull,

Vintage Videos: Still relevant There are certain timeless questions about MATLAB. I was just asked about this and knew I had made a video about changing object properties in GUIDE. var... read more >>

Simplify, simplify, simplify 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

Simplify, simplify, simplify I often say that one my greatest qualifications for troubleshooting MATLAB code is that I know I am not that clever, so I have to simplify things until I can understand them easily. It works really well when debugging MATLAB code. Use simpler data: Instead of... read more >>

Catch errors early with simple visualizations

Posted by Doug Hull,

Catch errors early with simple visualizations The sooner you find an error, the less expensive it is to find and fix. In MATLAB it is really easy to do quick visualizations of your data. When it is this easy, you should be doing these little reality check tests frequently. In this video, we show... read more >>

Knowing when to optimize your graphics in MATLAB

Posted by Doug Hull,

Knowing when to optimize your graphics in MATLAB The MATLAB user’s question in this video was about optimizing their graphics in MATLAB. They were worried that the architecture they were choosing would be too slow. One test is worth a thousand expert opinions. Before starting to do some difficult optimization in your code in the... read more >>

Naive vs Complex solutions

Posted by Doug Hull,

Naive vs Complex solutions This video is more philosophical than about MATLAB syntax. When trying to understand the cycles that occur in the output of a pseudo random number generator, I first approached the problem in easiest way I could think of. It worked well enough for small datasets, but because the... read more >>

My path to MATLAB

Posted by Doug Hull,

My path to MATLAB With September comes a new batch of students and new MATLAB users. Many of the bloggers here are talking about how they came to MATLAB and the academic path that got them here. Without a doubt, the most important skill set I learned in college and grad school was how... read more >>

Unexpected is not wrong

Posted by Doug Hull,

Unexpected is not wrong I just worked on a case that typifies a situation I see in MATLAB fairly often. Unexpected results are not necessarily wrong results. I am a big fan of the “sanity check”, where if the results just seem “way out there” logically, something might be wrong. It could be the MATLAB... read more >>

MATLABdo: The Way of MATLAB 6

Posted by Doug Hull,

MATLABdo: The Way of MATLAB I work in technical support, so very often I get strange requests. Really strange. My first question is “Why do you want to do that?” The reason I ask this is very often new MATLAB users are fighting against the way that MATLAB wants to work. If Aikido... read more >>

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