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Reading Web Pages, Part 1: Using webread 2

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

This week, in the first of a series of videos, my colleague Matt Tearle demonstrates how to read web pages with the webread function. In this application, he reads a random Wiki page and follows the first link in the text to see how many steps it takes to get... read more >>

Large Table Building That Requires Scalar Operations 2

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

Recently I have been using MATLAB tables a lot to store large heterogeneous datasets. In many cases, the rows contain information about files in a file system. As I need to access the files sequentially, I can’t vectorize the code that constructs the table. Instead I need to build it... read more >>

Parallel and GPU Computing Tutorial Video Series

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

Using MATLAB in recent years on computationally intensive problems that take a long time to run, I notice that MATLAB does not always make use of all the cores on my machine. Also, sometimes I can’t fit my entire data set into available memory. I’ve found these issues can often be... read more >>

New Video Player in Blogs Area 4

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

We have made some changes to how videos play in the Blogs area, including a new video player. There are one or two features that I’d like to make you aware of including: The player works on devices that do not have Flash such as iPad, and most other mobile devices The player... read more >>

Alt Up Down Keyboard Shortcut in MATLAB Editor 4

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

When editing code in the MATLAB editor, I often find that I’m interested in the use of one variable throughout the code. The keyboard shortcut Alt plus the Up or Down arrow keys lets me search through all instances of a variable, so I can navigate quickly through all related... read more >>

Under New Management 1

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

As I will be taking over Doug’s blog, I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself and what I hope to cover in future posts. Feel free to make requests for topics in the comments area at any time.   ... read more >>

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