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Creating a MATLAB Function to Split a URL into Component Parts, Part 1 2

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

I often need to break up a URL string into components such as protocol, hostname, file path, query parameters, etc. Here, I create a function to do this, similar to the fileparts function in MATLAB. Topics I cover in this code-along style video include: Writing a function Writing tests for functions using assert Matching regular expressions using regexp Using data... read more >>

Building a Matrix in a For Loop 2

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

On an existing post, a MATLAB user asked how to vertically concatenate a number of matrices taken from MAT-files. Here is a code-along of me working through a couple of options for this. Play the video in full screen mode for a better viewing experience. ... read more >>

Continuing a MATLAB Program That Has Crashed 4

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

It can be frustrating when a script that has been running for a long time, perhaps for many hours, fails just before it finishes. This video shows a couple of techniques to address this issue: saving to a MAT-File and using right-click evaluate in the editor. This assumes that you have... read more >>