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Simplify, simplify, simplify 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

I often say that one my greatest qualifications for troubleshooting MATLAB code is that I know I am not that clever, so I have to simplify things until I can understand them easily. It works really well when debugging MATLAB code. Use simpler data: Instead of... read more >>

Using Datetick with Plotyy in MATLAB 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

Recently, I needed to plot two different sets of time series data on the same axes, but they were at different scales. In this simplified example, I show how you can change the x-labels to display the month name. This requires you capture the handles of the axes created... read more >>

uicontextmenu and ButtonDownFcn in MATLAB 5

Posted by Doug Hull,

When you use ButtonDownFcn in MATLAB, your callback is given an automatic input called hObject. This hObject is the handle of the object that you interacted with to invoke the callback, which makes it easy to define behavior based on the selected object. This is a little trickier when working... read more >>

Hide implementation in functions 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

I am working on a large scale project that involves many broad topics like loading data, and visualizing. Both of these are important, but I needed to work on the visualizing immediately. I knew I would be passing around a large dataset into lots of different functions. ... read more >>

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