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Quantum Matrix Processor 6

The Quantum Matrix Processor, being announced today, is the world's first viable quantum array processor. Basic matrix operations are done instantaneously, with infinite procession. The programming environment is classic MATLAB.... read more >>

Season’s Greetings

  Season's Greetings help greetings % greetings Seasonal holiday fractal. % greetings(phi) generates a seasonal holiday fractal that depends % upon the parameter phi. The default... read more >>

Biorhythms 2

Biorhythms were invented over 100 years ago and entered our popular culture in the 1960s. You can still find many Web sites today that offer to prepare personalized biorhythms, or that sell software to compute them. Biorhythms are based on the notion that three sinusoidal cycles influence our lives. The physical cycle has a period of 23 days, the emotional cycle has a period of 28 days, and the intellectual cycle has a period of 33 days. For any individual, the cycles are initialized at birth. All the people on earth born on one particular day share the biorhythm determined by that date.... read more >>