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A Treacherous SVD

A few days ago, a bug report from our office in Cambridge caught my attention. Computing the singular values and singular vectors of a particular matrix would sometimes cause MATLAB to crash.... read more >>

IBM Hexadecimal Floating Point

Our technical support group recently received a request for a tool that would convert IBM System/360 hexadecimal floating point numbers to the IEEE-754 format. I am probably the only one left at MathWorks that actually used IBM mainframe computers. I thought we had seen the last of hexadecimal arithmetic years ago. But, it turns out that the hexadecimal floating point format is alive and well.... read more >>

R-squared. Is Bigger Better? 1

The coefficient of determination, R-squared or R^2, is a popular statistic that describes how well a regression model fits data. It measures the proportion of variation in data that is predicted by a model. However, that is all that R^2 measures. It is not appropriate for any other use. For example, it does not support extrapolation beyond the domain of the data. It does not suggest that one model is preferable to another.... read more >>

Chaotic Swinging Sticks 2

The Swinging Sticks is a kinetic sculpture that exhibits chaotic motion. The device became very popular after it upstaged Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. My daughter Carolyn gave me a desktop version of Swinging Sticks for Christmas. I immediately set out to simulate it.... read more >>

Bouncing Bucky Ball at Flipbook Mini Hack

The 2023 MATLAB Central Flipbook Mini Hack contest runs from November 6 until December 3. Over 200 entries have been submitted in the first two weeks.... read more >>

Three Wordle Assistants 3

When I tackle a Wordle puzzle, I like to make all the key decisions myself. My three assistants set up puzzles and suggest words when I ask for help, but I guide the actual solution. My assistants also make it possible for me to play Wordle anywhere, anytime, even when my laptop is in airplane mode. I don't need the New York Times or access to the Web.... read more >>

Grafix Users Guide

This is a quick look at Grafix, our tool for exploring matrices via 3-D computer graphics.... read more >>

An Interactive Version of colorcubes

A 231-character static version of colorcubes in the current MiniHack generated quite a bit of interest. So I am posting the full version, where you can change number of cubes and the view point, at this link.... read more >>

modfun, A Short Program Produces Impressive Graphics 4

This nifty graphics gem started with a contribution by Paul Villain to the MATLAB 2022 Mini Hack, currently taking place on MATLAB Central.... read more >>

Qube, The Movie

...

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