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Graphical user interfaces are just plain better 9

Posted by admin,

Graphical user interfaces are just plain better—better than pure command-line interfaces, that is. It should come as no surprise that a user interface designer and developer, such as myself, would make such a bold statement. But time and time again, it’s been shown that good graphical user interfaces outperform command-line… read more >>

Browsing vs Searching 6

Posted by Michael Katz,

One of our big team efforts is making information in MATLAB more accessible. When figuring out how to the present and teach new features, we often wind up at the “browsing versus searching” discussion (i.e. what are users preferred methods for finding information). The following is a list of the… read more >>

What do your toolbars look like?

Posted by admin,

Back in April, Peter talked about how you can put The Tools You Want Where You Want Them (new in R2008a). We’d love to see how you’ve arranged your toolbars, and are offering free MathWorks t-shirts to the first five people who send in screen shots of their Desktop and… read more >>