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MATLAB Mobile 1.1 Released 10

Posted by Daniel Sutoyo,

It has been about 2 months since we introduced MATLAB Mobile and we are thrilled to see your interest through your comments on the Desktop blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Mike, myself, and many others thank you for your support and feedback.In response to a few of the enhancement requests, today… read more >>

Using MATLAB Mobile to Save Money

Posted by Michael Katz,

This weekend my MATLAB Mobile app more than paid for itself--which is not hard, since it's free! Over the weekend I went shopping for a new car. When it was time to discuss financing, I was presented with a range of rates and promotions. In order to figure out what... read more >>

Debugging Points 2

Posted by Michael Katz,

Every so often we’re lucky enough to have a customer come visit MathWorks and talk to us about his or her MATLAB experience. This week one such user gave us a great presentation of his image processing application and concluded with a wish list of features. On that list he… read more >>

Editing MATLAB Code in Simulink

Posted by Michael Katz,

Guy Rouleau over at Seth on Simulink recently wrote about the different ways to include MATLAB code in a Simulink model. One of these ways is using an Embedded MATLAB block. Embedded MATLAB (sometimes abbreviated EML) is a subset of the MATLAB language that can be compiled to C code… read more >>