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Fame and Prizes in the MATLAB Programming Contest

Have you ever participated in our MATLAB Programming Contest? If you have, you better catch up on your sleep this weekend as this season’s contest starts next at noon next Wednesday, November 10th! If you have not yet participated, you’re probably wondering what am I talking about, so let me fill in on our contest!

The MATLAB Programming Contests have been a tradition at MATLAB Central since 1998. The upcoming contest will be our 22nd event. We have a loyal following of MATLAB developers who look forward to participating in this event every spring and fall. The challenge is different every season. The event launch is announced on our Contest blog. The challenge is described in the contest rules, also available on the day we launch. Once you know what the challenge is and how to play, you download a starter kit. Then all you need to do is fire up your MATLAB program and start submitting your solutions to our contest website. Prizes are awarded every day so it is worth your while to keep playing over the course of the week. It’s fun to hang out with other folks who love MATLAB programming and it’s a great way to hone your MATLAB skills.

Check out some of our previous contests from the contest home page to see how much fun you can have with MATLAB. See who has won fame and prizes in previous contests by going to our Hall of Fame.


Hope that you come join the fun starting in just a couple of days! See you there! :-)

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