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Migrating to 64-bit Windows

Ken Atwell, product manager for MATLAB platforms, returns this week to discuss a new resource available for users migrating to 64-bit Windows.

64-bit versions of Windows have been available since 2005, but it has really only been in the last two years that we at MathWorks have seen 64-bit adoption take off on Windows. The 64-bit version of Windows 7 is quickly becoming the dominant platform for our users. The 64-bit version of MATLAB is also rapidly becoming the most widely used version of MATLAB.

Along with this transition has come some confusion over:

  • Specific benefits of the 64-bit version of MATLAB
  • Compatibility considerations you need to keep in mind as your organization migrates to 64-bit

To aid with this migration, we have created an FAQ-style document, “Preparing for 64-bit Windows”. It targets both MATLAB users and administrators, so it may be useful reading for your IT department or others that may not normally follow a MathWorks blog. If you have not yet migrated to 64-bit Windows and MATLAB, or you are in the middle of your transition, we hope this information will be a useful resource.

Regardless of where you are in your transition, we’d love to hear about your experiences and challenges. If you have not yet adopted 64-bit, what is holding you back (be it something in MATLAB, or something else entirely)? Do you have any success stories, “gotchas”, or advice to share with your fellow MATLAB users? Feel free comment below!

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