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A Plug With Publish

I have been lax in giving shout-outs to our other blogs. This week I want to highlight a recent “File Exchange Pick of the Week” post. File Exchange Pick of the Week (or, POTW) is a weekly sister blog where Brett, Jiro, or their guests highlight something cool and interesting from the MATLAB File Exchange. It’s a great way to find something new to do with MATLAB in a few minutes each week.

One particular pick I want to call out is: “Publish dependent and called functions”, a submission that publishes a MATLAB script/function along with its called functions. You just need to provide the top level file to publishdepfun, and it will publish that file along with any user-defined functions used from that file. The called functions’ publish outputs are appended to bottom of the main output file, so you have them all in one handy document.

Try it out, and subscribe to the Pick of the Week RSS feed to stay in tune with what’s going on there.

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