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Getting the Most of Your MATLAB Mobile Keyboard

I’ve stopped being surprised when I talk to iPhone and iPad owners and find out they don’t know that you can tap and hold most keys on the virtual keyboard to get additional related keys. For example, on almost any iOS keyboard, tap and hold the “A” key to selection of accented a’s.

Extended keys for A on iOS

In MATLAB Mobile 3.1 on both iPhone and iPad, we’ve incorporated this behavior for each of the symbol keys in our custom keyboard rows. We’ve grouped symbols together in a way we think are logical: brackets, quotes, punctuation, math operations, logical operations.

Here is a catalog for the iPhone:

MATLAB Mobile parenthesis extra key
MATLAB Mobile quotes extra key
MATLAB Mobile semicolon extra key
MATLAB Mobile plus extra key
MATLAB Mobile equals extra key

The iPad has the same set of keys in addition to the digits 0-9. The digit keys do not have any extra keys behind the tap & hold.

Let us know what you’d like to see in the next iterations of the keyboard, in the comments below.

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