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Jiří’s Ovozoetrope

We have a treat today: a guest visit from MATLAB user and controls researcher Jiří Zemánek.

Jiří is a doctoral student at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He also likes eggs. But first,… 更多内容 >>

Community Q&A – Doug Hull 1

After 15 years of working at MathWorks and a successful blog on MATLAB Central, Doug Hull “retired” to Las Vegas so he could combine his mathematical knowledge with his love of poker.  

Thanks for… 更多内容 >>

Top 10 Files in 2017

Without further ado, here are the 10 Most Popular File Exchange submissions in 2017 based on downloads


MATLAB Support Package for Arduino… 更多内容 >>

MATLAB, Sporcle, and Grant

Grant O. Cook III, better known to the Cody-playing world as goc3, is a player and puzzle constructor of great renown. He is currently ranked 5th on the Cody leaderboard, and he is 2nd when ranked by… 更多内容 >>

When is Noon? 4

I enjoy astronomy. In this post I’m going to show off a cool file from the File Exchange and demonstrate MATLAB’s new-ish datetime functionality (including dateshift and duration). But… 更多内容 >>

Posts 11 - 18 of 18