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Have you taken the Cody Challenge? 7

It has been such a such a busy couple of weeks at MATLAB Central! Last week, we launched Trendy, a cool new service that you can use to to plot and track trends from data on public websites. You can read more about Trendy in last week’s post…. read more >>

Using Tech Notes For Fun and Profit 4

I recently answered a question for a customer about dealing with out of memory errors in MATLAB. Thankfully it didn’t require me to spend a lot of effort to answer it. We already have a well-written, comprehensive answer to that question. That’s Tech Note 1106, the “Memory Management Guide.” These… read more >>

I played Wembley: A MATLAB conference in London 2

This week it’s my pleasure to welcome guest poster, Ned Gulley. Ned is the guru behind all sorts of neat projects including social computing, the File Exchange, MATLAB contests, etc. Today he writes about presenting “MATLAB, the Web, and the World” at a recent MATLAB Conference in England. Use the… read more >>