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Citing File Exchange Submissions 7

Many of our community members are involved in some aspect of research and publication. Often they find content on MATLAB Central’s File Exchange that they want to reference in a paper. The… read more >>

Fame and Prizes in the MATLAB Programming Contest 2

Have you ever participated in our MATLAB Programming Contest? If you have, you better catch up on your sleep this weekend as this season’s contest starts next at noon next Wednesday, November… read more >>

I played Wembley: A MATLAB conference in London 2

This week it’s my pleasure to welcome guest poster, Ned Gulley. Ned is the guru behind all sorts of neat projects including social computing, the File Exchange, MATLAB contests, etc. Today he… read more >>

Finding Cool Content in MATLAB Central’s File Exchange 1

If you are trying to solve a problem using MATLAB and need some ideas on how to approach the problem, File Exchange can be a source of inspiration or maybe even provide the solution for you. As I am… read more >>

An Insider’s Look at the MATLAB Community 3

In Mike’s last post, he mentioned that changes “are A-Brewing”.  For one of those changes, Mike asked if I would be interested in dropping by to talk about MATLAB Central. As most… read more >>

R2009 in review 7

We’ve had a fantastic year with new and improved features in MATLAB R2009a and R2009b. Let’s take a walk down memory lane…
On the MATLAB desktop
2009 was a big year for our power… read more >>

The Front Page of the File Exchange: Your Desktop 14

It may seem backward in late 2009 that one of the great new features in MATLAB is integrating a web application, the MATLAB File Exchange, into the Desktop. However it’s not surprising to me… read more >>

New and Updated Desktop Features in MATLAB R2009b 3

R2009b (version 7.9) is here! You’d think that I’d be used to the six month release cycle by now, but there is always something to do with mad rushes interspersed with calm lulls…. read more >>

Internationalization of GUIs 9

Recently, Mario asked on the MATLAB newsgroup about how to provide a localized version of his GUI made in GUIDE. This is an interesting problem with no official, but many worthwhile solutions.
Right…

The MATLAB File Exchange isn’t just for MATLAB code files 2

The MATLAB File Exchange is a great place to share MATLAB code, but did you know it can be used to share other MATLAB related files as well?
Recently, Peter (a MATLAB Desktop developer and frequent… read more >>

Posts 21 - 30 of 30