Spring 2008 Contest date announcement 24

Posted by Helen Chen,

I’ve been getting emails from contest fans all over the world who want to know – “When is the next contest going to start?”

The Contest team is hard at work planning activities for our Spring contest. We have chosen a date.

Make sure to mark these dates on your calendars. We’ll see you then.Helen


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Jed replied on : 3 of 24

I concur with Mike, you placed this contest over the final exams of almost all universities that I know of. Students, Professors, Grad student TAs, everyone is going to be as busy as can be trying to get this stuff done.

Helen replied on : 4 of 24

Mike and Jed – Sorry about the conflict. We will try to keep this in mind next spring contest. It’s always hard to accommodate everybody’s schedules.

Paul – Details of this contest challenge will be posted on April 30th.

See you all then – and good luck with exams!


shripad replied on : 5 of 24

i am a software engineer working for DELPHI ,can i be a part of this contest!!!There is an entire competency working on MATLAB in delphi this will be quite an invigorating news for employees out here if they are allowed to be part of the Programming Contest.

samatha replied on : 7 of 24

I ‘m s student of industrial informatic and instrumentation .This term , I ‘ve got a project in neural network – Can I be a part of this contest !! Wait for your information !!

David S replied on : 11 of 24

It would be nice to have a novice and/or intermediate division for people who are new to Matlab and/or have never entered a Matlab contest before.

Hervé replied on : 12 of 24

It would be nice if this contest was run in languages other than English, or, reading some of the other comments above does the contest only concern American university students?

Helen Chen replied on : 13 of 24

Nes and Herve – Actually, many of our winners in past contests have been from outside of the US. Although the contest discussion is in English, MATLAB is universal. It is possible that we may host non-English contests in the future if we see a resonable group of community members who are interested in playing. There is considerable work needed to plan and manage these events. Feel free to contact me directly if you have ideas of how we could get your international communities involved in a contest.

Nil – We usually start around noon Eastern time. Looking at World clock, that looks like 16:00 UTC.

David – Good thought, stay tuned this contest and you may see some interesting twists to the contest.

Thanks for all the great discussion!

OkinawaDolphin replied on : 14 of 24

During the gene splicing contest function handles were forbidden. Does this only mean that function handles must not be used as parameters or assigned to variables? Does it mean that arrayfun and cellfun (which can’t be used without function handles) are forbidden, too? In my opinion it is not a good thing to ban the use of a central Matlab concept and force participants to write for and while loops instead.

Helen replied on : 16 of 24

To take part in this contest, stay tuned on April 30th to see what the new game is. We announce the game and the game rules, and all are invited to join in the fun. :-)

Helen replied on : 20 of 24

Hey Anuj – The contest “test” and other details will be posted on April 30th. See you then!

Willy replied on : 21 of 24

Wow, I really wish that I could be a part of this contest. But, I am just learning MATLAB. I would like to learn voice recognition, but I know it is a very very hard program. So, please, can anyone be my mentor? I really could use some major help right now. I am also interested in calling C++ from MATLAB. So, I wish I could be in this fun and exiting contest. I’m sure many of those participating in this contest are really advanced. Good Luck to you all!

Helen replied on : 22 of 24

Willy – If you are having problems with code that you are developing, you can post the code with the questions on our CSSM newsgroup. It’s easy, just click on Newsgroup in the nav bar above.

Emmanual – Great to hear that you are getting ready for the contest! An important part of the contest is the time constraints and the different phases (darkness, twilight, daylight). To practice, look at some of the past contests and practice you MATLAB skills there. Alan Chalker has posted a mid-contest code analysis midway of most contests. These are a truly great read!

EMMANUEL OFORI AMANFO replied on : 23 of 24

Although,this is the time that I am taking part, I am looking forward to becoming the champion for the contest.Please what topics will the contest be based on?
Please,post details now so that we can start preparing.

EMMANUEL OFORI AMANFO replied on : 24 of 24

Although,this is the first time that I am taking part, I am looking forward to becoming the champion for the contest.Please what topics will the contest be based on?
Please,post details now so that we can start preparing