Weekend Winners: Amitabh and Fel

Posted by Ned Gulley,

If you’ve been watching the statistics over the weekend, you know the result. We’ll make it official by awarding a Saturday Leap prize to Amitabh Verma for the breakthrough entry Crazy Ivan on Kangaroo Jack. I always like entries with entertaining names, so extra marks for that and well done Amitabh! At 1.11% improvement over the previous leader, Crazy Ivan was the biggest single advance since Alfonso’s Darkness leaders. As we like to point out, it gets harder with each passing minute to make a big improvement, so congratulations to Amitabh for advancing the state of the art so dramatically. And based on his profile picture, I’m guessing he’s a mean bowler too. Double threat: bowling and MATLAB. Maybe there’s some sort of biathlon competition in there?

The Sunday Push prize goes to Fel for his “Dead End Strategies” series. Notice that Fel’s best entry for the day would have won the prize all by itself. The mysterious Fel revealed himself to be David Felguera in the last contest where he also did some weekend work, winning the prestigious Sailing Home Saturday Leap prize. Now he’s got both weekend prizes for his trophy room. I think that might be a first… Congratulations to Fel for the largest aggregate improvement for all of Sunday!


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