Nick Howe to the winner’s podium please 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

I’m sure that Nick Howe doesn’t need any more prizes from the MATLAB programming contest, but he keeps winning them just the same. For the third contest in a row, Nick is our Crepuscular Conqueror, the Duke of Dusk, Lord of the Twilight, and Prince of Dimly Lit Regions. Two of his late-breaking entries were good enough to sneak past Alfonso to claim the Twilight Prize, with the actual winner being Revenge of Antichaff. Well done Nick! Nice to have you back on the podium.


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Nick Howe replied on : 1 of 2

I can’t help it; I really enjoy this contest! I don’t know how you keep coming up with interesting topics, but you do.

When I was newer to the contest it was always a thrill to see my name listed as a runner up even if I didn’t win a prize. So let me congratulate Alfonso, Robert Macrae, Kurt Janssens and Martin F. for being in the hunt and giving me something to shoot for! The contest is more fun the more people enter, and it looks as though one of those names is a new one.

For those looking to jump into the contest at this point, I plan to post to the newsgroup a summary of the techniques used in my Twilight code. I probably won’t get to it until this evening, though — gotta work on the Early Bird prize. ;-)