Spring Contest “Tiles” is Underway! 4

Posted by Helen Chen,

Welcome to the Tiles Contest! Our Spring Contest is officially underway and will run for one week, until 16:00 UTC Wednesday April 11th.

Tiles Contest - April 4 - 11

To get started, read the contest overview and rules. The sample code download is available on File Exchange. If you have questions or comments, please post to our newsgroup thread.

Don’t forget, if you want some practice getting started on the problem, check out the related puzzles in Cody!

Good luck to everyone!


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Oleg replied on : 1 of 4

About the rules:
may I submit untill the end or should my entry clear before the end?


Hi Oleg! Please do submit as many entries as you want. If you have multiples in queue, the scoring engine will “take turns” between your submissions and others to avoid queue flooding. But all your submissions will be processed eventually, and probably before you even notice!

Thanks for playing!


Dan replied on : 3 of 4

Hi Oleg. The deadline to submit solvers to the contest is 16:00 UTC on April 11 (tomorrow). This is the last time when you can enter a solver into the queue. After this time, all entries in the queue will be scored, and the winner will be determined.

So, yes, you may submit until the very end.

There is some strategy involved in this. As Ned noted in the blog back in November, “Once we get so close to the end of the contest that your code can’t be scored until after the deadline has passed, nobody can see and modify your code before the end.”