Vitor is victorious!

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Vitor Yano wins our Twilight Phase with his entry vamos ver se melhora. It’s exciting to see that three people (Vitor, Werner, and Andreas Bonelli) were able to improve on Nicholas Howe’s winning score from yesterday without being able to peek at his code. Now the fun begins. Everybody’s code is on the table, algorithm parts are spread all over the floor, and we get to see which mechanic can assemble the best machine.

I’m thinking that the MATLAB Contest would make a great reality TV show. Is anybody with me on this? All we need is a title. “The Deadliest Algorithm”? Or “Code Rush”? What would you call it?

At any rate, congratulations to our newest winner of the coveted crepuscular crown: Vitor Yano, Ruler of the Twilight.

And remember, we’ll be handing out a prize for the early bird winner later today (21:00 UTC).


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