Sergey’s Cat is the Early Bird

Posted by Ned Gulley,

One of these days I hope Sergey will tell us the story of why his entries are all named after cats in one way or another. But in the meantime we can still congratulate this highly-decorated contest veteran for his latest catch. Sergey Y‘s FlipCat5 won the Early Bird competition with 36 seconds to spare. FlipCat5 snatched the prize from Fel‘s … caches the worm which had surged into the lead mere minutes earlier. Lead-time is fleeting. You have to enjoy it while you can. I feel a little bad for Fel, but Sergey’s FlipCat5 should be applauded for knocking a dramatic 1.52% off the leader. So congratulations once again Sergey! You’ll need to re-arrange your den to make space for all the MATLAB Contest prizes you bring home.

The Saturday Leap competition is currently under way. Whoever, makes the biggest improvement with a single submission before midnight (UTC time) wins. This is one contest where you definitely want to put all your eggs in one basket.


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