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Posted by Ned Gulley,

The magic number is 108344. In six or so days of slugging away at the Tiles problem, no one has gotten a better “result” number. You remember we separate the contest score (which is a combination of several factors) from the result, which is based on the answer returned by the algorithm. Thus result has nothing to do with CPU time or node count or number of lines of code or whether or not you had a good lunch. The only stipulation is that you get just three minutes to calculate it.

Yi Cao needed all but three seconds of his alloted 180 to come up with his magic result of 108344. And after he submitted the winner, total, earlier today, several other people managed to duplicate his feat. But Yi Cao got there first, and for that he wins a prize. Congratulations to Yi Cao for winning our Best Results mini-contest.

Incidentally, Yi Cao narrowly beat out Nuwan Ganganath’s entry called ලොකුද පොඩිද. That would have been exciting too, as it would have been our first Sinhala-titled winner (Nuwan, can you tell us what it means?). Maybe the grand prize winner will be in Sinhala or Portuguese or Chinese… who knows?

And now we’re in the home stretch. By this time tomorrow we will have declared a winner. Good luck everyone, and may the best algorithm win!


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Nuwan Ganganath replied on : 1 of 1

“ලොකුද පොඩිද” means “max or min”. On last Saturday, I introduced a code segment using “min” function. Today I thought that I could reach to a better solution using “max” function (and I did). However finally I missed the title by nanometers. Congratulations to Yi Cao!