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Blackbox Contest Wrap-up

Posted by Helen Chen,

The Winners Page, Contest Evolution, and Final Analysis are now on the site. Thanks to Alan Chalker for writing the final detailed analysis of the entire contest progression.

And the winner is… 3

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Congratulations to our new contest winner, Alan Chalker, who won with the ultimate ultimate of his “The End” series, End of it all. Alan walked away with the Tuesday Leap prize, and still had enough secrets in his back pocket to take the top slot. Alan wins (another) piece of… read more >>

Queue is closed 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,

The contest queue is now closed. Just to be clear, any entries that made it into the queue, but are timestamped later than 17:00:00 will be removed…. read more >>

The Generality Prize

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Of course we have been following with great interest the discussions regarding probing vs. “legitimate” solving. Some of the problems raised by probing are philosophical and relatively intractable, whereas others are straightforward. As we’ve said before, our main interest is in making the contest entertaining, so we rely on you… read more >>

Alan Chalker Makes the Tuesday Leap 2

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Alan Chalker‘s submission that took first place in the final minutes of Tuesday wins him the Tuesday Leap award. His submission improved on the top score over 6x more than any other that day. Impressive!… read more >>