Results for: Peg Solitaire

Yi Cao wins the prize 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,

The contest is over, the queue is clear, and the results are in. Our heartiest congratulations go to contest veteran Yi Cao for his winning entry Buy a ticket. We’ll be sending him his Solitaire game board and some other assorted MATLAB goodies…. read more >>

Near the End

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

srach won the Best Result. This challenge proved to be very popular and, by its nature, attracted entries with long run times leaving the queue backed up for most of Tuesday night. BirdBrain, nathan q, and Yi Cao also had top entries approaching the 4PM deadline…. read more >>

Best Result by 4 PM Challenge 3

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Yi Cao currently has the best result, having nudged his entry wakingup to push down to around 38664. Unfortunately, getting this result uses up nearly three full minutes, so the resulting time penalty keeps the final score from being competitive in the main contest. That’s why we’re going to run… read more >>

Midcontest analysis by Lucio 1

Posted by Helen Chen,

Lucio Cetto has written the midcontest analysis. In his analysis, Lucio reviews 3 different winning entries, comparing the different approaches to the game’s goals. He also offers his own solutions created using a graph created by Sidney and additional graph theory algorithms and also a package and purge %… read more >>

Big Push Winner, 1000 Character Challenge 4

Posted by Matthew Simoneau,

Markus Buehren won the Big Sunday Push with two entries that made big improvements, one of which dropped the score more than any other player’s combined efforts for the day. Markus first made a showing in the Blockbuster contest, scoring two midcontest wins. Jan Langer, nathan q, Jin,… read more >>