See You at the Spring Contest!

Posted by Helen Chen,

The Contest team is finishing up our last activities for the Vines Contest.  Prizes to the winners have been packaged up and are on the way to their various final destinations.  Stories from the contest winners are posted to the Hall of Fame.  It’s well worth a read!  You might… read more >>

Alfonso is the Winner! 6

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Wow! What a finish. A lot of us thought that Nick was going to do it again. The cyclist even named one of his last entries Can’t beat Nicholas Howe. We knew the end was near, because Magnus S. named one of his last entries Some say that he is… read more >>

Alex P. and the Anatomy of a Tweak 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Congratulations to Alex P., winner of the Square One Challenge with his SOC tweak. Michael Bindschadler came close… so close! to winning. But from the newsgroup, we read this heartbreaking story…. read more >>

Amitabh wins the Best Result prize

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Just before midnight last night, Greenwich Mean Time, Amitabh Verma submitted All Guns Blazing. Using 174 seconds worth of CPU time, it cruised limbo-style beneath the timeout limit, generating a world-beating result of 65558057, the best seen up to that point. Magnus S. has since bettered that with an impressive… read more >>

Early Bird Closes: So close, Sebastian!

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Look at the list of submissions and you’ll see that Sebastian Ullmann’s entry cheaper ? ranked the highest as of 21:00. But our listing only shows minutes, not seconds. The question is 21:00 and how many seconds? If he had managed to get it in by 21:00:00, he would now… read more >>

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